• Secure Virtual Desktop for Online Research & Investigations

    Conduct your cyber operations while controlling your egress location, obscuring your corporate affiliation, and preventing activity tracking.

Why Nfusion?

Without the proper protection, your browser, applications, and operating system can mark you, your organization, and the kind of work you’re doing. All of these things create your digital fingerprint and are used to track your location, activity patterns, and affiliations. This makes you a target.

When websites know who you are they have the ability to deny access, show misleading content, or worse, infect your machine and network with malware.

Nfusion overcomes these challenges by completely isolating your applications, browsing activity and identity in an environment separate from your local machines and networks. No custom installation or interface is needed.
Just login with the apps you normally use and go, knowing you are totally secure.


  • Criminal or Fraud Investigation

    Counterfeit product sites, phishing schemes, intellectual property infringement... Investigating suspicious activity can put you at risk. Criminals and disreputable organizations use sophisticated online tactics to inject malware or misdirect you to “innocent” content.

    With Nfusion, you don’t have to worry about malware. Even if your virtual session is infected, your online environment is restored during your next login. An anonymous IP address prevents blocking and cloaking tactics that can stymie an investigation.

  • Investment Intelligence

    Privacy is essential when researching investment opportunities or acquisition prospects. A leak can give away your corporate strategy, trigger speculative trading, and drive up share prices. Constructing a complete dossier on a multinational investment target will likely involve interaction with that company’s website, where they are tracking and monitoring visitors using IP address and browser fingerprinting techniques.

    With Nfusion, your company affiliation and location origin remain discreet using IP address attribution control. Nfusion also completely wipes tracking cookies encountered during a site visit, deterring cookie-based tracking techniques.

  • Competitive Intelligence & Pricing Research

    Multinational companies often tailor their product selections and pricing to regional markets. Even if you are interacting in the native language, your browser’s language settings and IP address may limit the type of information presented to you.

    The Nfusion browser, coupled with IP address attribution control, helps circumvent customized content delivery so you can see the same information that your target market sees.


  • Everyone Connected to Your IT Network

    Employees spend an increasing amount of time navigating the Internet while at work, whether for professional or personal reasons. Cyber espionage, malvertising, misinformation, and reputation damage are constant risks.

    Nfusion can help. By isolating online activity in a virtual environment, malware contamination is minimized. A safe browser that completely erases cookies after each session prevents activity tracking. With an anonymous, geo-appropriate IP address, corporate affiliation and geographic location can be managed.

  • Info Security Products Guide has named Ntrepid a winner in the 2018 ISPG’s Global Excellence Awards®.  Nfusion 2 was named the Gold Winner of Deception Based Security, and Silver for Security Products and Solutions for Government.

    These prestigious global awards recognize cybersecurity and information technology vendors with advanced, groundbreaking products, solutions, and services that are helping set the bar higher for others in all areas of security and technologies. Winners will be honored in San Francisco on April 16, 2018 during the annual red carpet awards dinner and presentation.