Nfusion Secure VDI Features

    • Remote Virtual Operating System

      Secure, stable and simple

      Nfusion can be hosted in multiple ways. Either on dedicated hardware within your network, or remotely hosted by Ntrepid in our state of the art data centers. Nfusion is designed so that it does not consume local resources on a user's machine. A variety of standard and customized application suites can be pre-loaded onto Nfusion desktops to facilitate specific user needs, and because Nfusion runs on a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), desktop and system management is centralized.

    • Virtual Network

      Protect your infrastructure

      Users connect to Nfusion through an encrypted tunnel (VPN). This isolates Nfusion and its IP traffic from your corporate network, protecting the valuable resources behind your firewalls.

    • Secure Storage

      Safely download the files you need with Safehold

      Nfusion features Safehold, a secure, file transfer system that allows for safe downloading and storage of files collected during a work session. Files saved to Safehold are automatically scanned for malware and removed, if necessary. This prevents potentially malicious content from ever touching your local workstation. Safehold saves only the files you specify, so you don’t have to worry about drive-by downloads. Safehold files can be accessed by any authorized user risk-free.

    • Geo Pools

      Authentic local web access—wherever you need it

      Nfusion routes all activity through user-specified Geo Pools, allowing you to control your location and appearance online so you can obtain accurate information and see content as locals would see it. Actual location, identity, and browser attributes are completely masked to ensure online activity is not attributed and patterns cannot be identified.

    • Heads-up Geolocation Display

      Know your status at a glance

      Nfusion provides clear geolocation information on an intuitive, easy-to-see control panel. As users visit websites, the map indicates where these websites are hosted. The simple interface allows easy switching between Geo Pools. Nfusion also displays the active pool's IP address and useful local information such as the time and weather.

    • Journal

      A record of all activity at your fingertips

      Nfusion automatically captures users' browser activity and full-page images of websites visited. Journal allows users to easily annotate captured browser activity, images, and other information and those entries are persistent and always available to the user. Seamless integration with Safehold allows a user to simply drag and drop Journal events into Safehold for later retrieval.

    • Secure Non-Persistent Workspace

      All the functionality — none of the risk

      Nfusion provides a secure virtual environment, featuring a full Windows 10 desktop, completely isolated from your local machine and corporate networks. Non-persistent sessions prevent malware contamination, so applications can be run with confidence. All browsing history and bookmarks remain between sessions affording easy access to previously obtained information.

    • Nfusion Browser

      Exceptional security with a familiar interface

      All of Nfusion’s features are built around the context of the Firefox browser. A familiar browsing experience combined with Nfusion's intuitive dashboard make it easy and efficient to deploy, maintain, and support.

    • User Activity Audit

      Know what your users are doing with Insight

      Insight enables full audits of online activity conducted in Nfusion. All Nfusion browser events are indexed and available within Insight’s dynamic interface, including account logins, Geo Pool use, and websites accessed. Metrics and reports can be exported, enabling easy integration with existing security management systems. Insight provides managers with valuable historical information for reporting as well as trend analysis for ongoing activities.

    • Permission-Based Access

      Control system access

      Through password protected user accounts Nfusion empowers system administrators to determine specific user access to Geo Pools and third party applications. User tool suites are easily configured through the administrative control panel.