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    Is Nfusion a virtualized desktop?

    Yes, Nfusion provides a virtualized full Windows 10 desktop. Ntrepid can incorporate most Windows-compatible applications directly into the user’s virtual desktop.

    Does Nfusion protect my local machine and corporate network from cyber threats?

    Yes, the Nfusion desktop is completely segregated from your local machine and corporate desktop. You can do your work with confidence knowing your corporate assets are secure.

    If my desktop is totally isolated, how do I get access to the files I want to download?

    Safehold, a feature of Nfusion, is a secure file transfer space that allows users to safely collect and store files during a browsing session. Files saved during an Nfusion session are sent to Safehold and automatically scanned for malware. If malware is detected, the file is immediately quarantined, preventing malicious content from reaching the user’s local machine and network. All saved files can then be accessed from any authorized computer, risk-free.

    Does Nfusion use unique desktop sessions?

    Yes, each Nfusion session is initiated with a unique browser and workspace instance that masks potentially identifying browser attributes, such as language, operating system, browser version, and plugin versions. This allows Nfusion to manage the browser’s fingerprint and prevents sites from using cookies and other tracking methods to link a user’s activities across multiple sessions. This also makes for an easy and natural transition between user sessions, even as the user is presented with a clean, pristine operating environment at the beginning of each new session.

    Can I monitor my users if they are in virtual desktops on secure, segregated networks?

    Yes. The Insight application, which enables comprehensive management audits of user activity, is included as part of Nfusion. All events that occur in the Nfusion browser are captured, indexed and available within Insight, including high-resolution, full-page images of websites visited. Insight provides management with valuable historical information for reporting, as well as trend analysis for ongoing activities. All metrics and reports can be exported in multiple formats.

    Is there a steep learning curve for new users?

    No. Nfusion employs a familiar operating system and browser so it is intuitive for new users, minimizing training and easing adoption.

    Does Ntrepid provide other solutions for desktop users?

    Yes. We offer a secure virtual browser for the enterprise called Passages. Users are free to immerse themselves in any type of content without the risk of targeted attacks or malware infecting their machines and networks. For our customers who need web scraping anonymity capabilities, our Ion IP rotation solutions for business can be integrated with existing collection operations such as Connotate, Kapow or even custom scripts.

    Does Nfusion let me look like I am in another city/country?

    Yes. All Nfusion desktop traffic (all ports and protocols) is routed out via real servers in the selected location, allowing users to view and access the online content the locals in that location can see. Users can seamlessly toggle between various Geo Pools while preventing cross-contamination from cookies and other artifacts. This masks the point of origin and browser attributes, allowing users to conduct non-attributable online activities.

    Can I take notes while using Nfusion?

    Yes. In addition to automatically capturing full-page images of websites visited in the browser, the Journal application allows users to annotate their browser history for future reference.

    Do I really have direct access to live 24/7 support?

    Yes. As an Nfusion customer, you will have direct phone or email access to Ntrepid’s Network Operational Center, staffed 24/7 by live, English-speaking people. No automated call centers, no waiting on-hold.

    Can I restrict my users’ access?

    Yes. Administrators can limit who can access the Nfusion environment, which applications are on users’ desktops, and which global IP addresses they can access.

    How does Nfusion differ from Passages?

    Beyond look and feel, and the fact that Nfusion features the Journal application, there are key architectural distinctions between Nfusion and Passages. At its core, Passages provides full isolation and location masking for the browser, via the installation of a micro virtual machine on the user’s machine or running on a VDI. Nfusion not only provides browser isolation and location masking, but also a full virtual desktop. This means the user’s entire workflow, from browsing to running applications (such as Microsoft Office, Skype, Google Earth, and social media applications), is also fully isolated from the user’s local machine and network. Finally, Nfusion requires only the installation of a common commercial PCoIP client on the end user’s machine.

    If your security concerns and workflow are limited to the browser, Passages is a great choice. If your interest is in isolating the entire workflow of your user-base, Nfusion is your ultimate secure online environment. Still not sure? Contact us and we’ll be glad to talk through your options.

    Why choose Nfusion over a proxy or VPN service?

    Nfusion goes far beyond proxies and VPN services (which merely alter your IP by redirecting your traffic). Nfusion is the full solution — completely isolating your workflow, local machine and network from malware or attack while masking your IP address through Ntrepid’s Geo Pools. Additionally, websites and online services can easily detect proxies and VPN services. Proxies alter headers, often easily offering up your actual IP address. In addition, VPN services have a notorious online signature that many Web administrators block. Ntrepid configures its Geo Pools in a manner that doesn’t betray your actual IP address or raise suspicion.